Why Invest in Pendragon Fund

No Leverage!​

All transactions are fully funded with the money raised into the fund. We do not use mortgages and as such remain fully independent and not reliant on banks and we lower the volatility of the fund and mitigate the liquidity risks.

Value Creation

We extract value for our investors by purchasing the property at the lowest price, usually at auction from bankruptcies

Stable Income​

We rent the properties to stable tenants such as large corporation with the rent secured by bank guarantees

Profits Maximisation​

Selling the property to the highest bidder. No rush in the selling process allow to achieve the best possible price. In the meantime, the property is rented on a short-term basis in order to generate additional cash flow

Diversified source of Income​

In touristic locations we allow the purchase of the properties by single tenants while retaining the management of them and splitting the rental gains with the owners. This allow an easier exit since the buyer favours buying a property that provides an income when he is not occupying it.​


An open end fund: units of the fund can be bought and sold at each Net Asset Value (NAV) Calculation that is at least twice a year on 30 th June and 31 st of December. The investment is subject to an initial lock-up of 3 years therefore only the extra cash should be invested into the fund as it would not be accessible for 3 years and financial advice should always be sought before subscribing.

Proven Successful strategy

A reliable strategy with 10 years track record!

Enhanced due diligence​

Our investment committee avails itself of our technical team to carry out a comprehensive due diligence and immediately identify any potential pitfalls or risks which are than assessed and factored into the transaction for example by requesting an additional discount to the seller.

Low entry requirements​

Minimum investment of only 20'000 euros.​