Income Generating Properties

Horizon Hotel and Lounge Bar – Badesi, Sardinia, Italy

In June 2019 we opened the new hotel Horizon which has 20 rooms and 4 stars standing. The hotel is in front our residence Costa Del Turchese and above the Horizon Lounge Bar. The hotel is open throughout the year and including the Bar it generates approximately 340’000 euros of turnover. The Hotel is open throughout the year. Website

Red Sun Village, Isola Rossa, Sardinia, Italy

In 2018 the fund acquired the resort at auction and carried out significant refurbishment works that were completed in June 2021. The resort includes 248 rooms, 4 swimming pools, two restaurants and 3 bars and it is managed by Studio Vacanze a resorts management company leader in Northern Sardinia with 16 resorts and a share capital of approx. 100 mio euros. The fund receives an annual rent of 1 mio euros.

Residence Pendrasardina Costa del Turchese Village – Badesi, Italy

In Badesi, north Sardinia, 80 km. from both Olbia and Alghero airports, there is a residence called “Costa del Turchese”. The village is totally independent but, at the same time, located in the Badesi village, so at easily reach from local facilities (medical centre, banks, markets, restaurants, etc.) throughout the year. Pendragon Sardinia Srl initially acquired 23 apartments and then additional 35 apartments. The properties were purchased at auctions and therefore the fund was able to obtain them at a significant discount.

Moreover through the active management of the flats ( the rental obtained from the rent during the holiday season ensure a fixed income for the Fund. Current Value of the properties 6 mio euros. The fund generates approximately 350’000 euros per year from the direct rental activity.

Residence La Falata - Costa Paradiso, Italy

The residence “La Falata” is located in Costa Paradiso in the northeastern Sardinia in the county of Trinità d’Agultu north of Castelsardo, 90 km from Olbia and Alghero Airports. The location is one of the best known in the Northern region of Sardinia and very appreciated by Italian and Europeans travellers.
Pendragon Sardinia acquired in 2013 for 13 flats with its own private swimming pool. In 2019 the apartments have been fully refurbished and we combined two apartments to create some 3 bedroom apartments due to the increased demand therefore now there are 11 apartments with very high standing.

La Maddalena – Sardinia, Italy

In the famous location of La Maddalena island, worldwide known, Pendragon Sardinia Srl acquired 7 units residential apartments, built in Borgo Punta Tegge.
Borgo Punta Tegge is a top touristic location within La Maddalena and lays in front of Porto Rafael (Sardinian Coast and Spargi island). The apartment were acquired at a discount.

The fund receives approximately 65’000 euros income per year from the direct rental during the summer.

Chalets pre D’annie, Combloux, France

In Combloux the fund acquired 2 large Chalets and then fully renovated them with high standing with garages and parking spaces for a total of 300 square meters. We also acquired a land on which we built three chalets with 3 apartments each for a total of 1’457 square meters. The Apartments have a spectacular view of the Mont Blanc and its adjacent territories.
The apartments are rented as holiday destinations via Airbnb and and generates approximately 150’000 euros of net profit per year.